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1965 Ford Mustang Cabriolet

With this famous 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible, the American culture is right at your hand. It was the company’s most successful car since the Model A. The series is an ever-growing tree. Its six-generation production is still active up till today.

If not the mustang logo at the very front, the simple appearance of the car would have its crashing power well concealed underneath its bonnet. Shortly after its debut, the 200hp and the open top sealed its place as a legend. It became an American icon for freedom, muscle and power. Do not be surprised with the use of automatic transmission in this model, which was a luxurious option back then.

This specific Mustang is in white with iconic blue stripes followed by a set of Shelby knock on rims. The interior is in black. This car received a full restoration just 3,590miles ago and is still in top notch condition. Contact us to know more about this iconic American muscle.




Previous Owners:




3,590miles since restoration


4,736cc V8 200bhp

3 speed AT / RWD


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