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1981 Porsche 911 SC Targa (930)

This Super Carrera Targa was from the 1980s. While Porsche’s 911 are well known as Carrera, the official name of “Super Carrera” or SC was only used between 1978 and 1983. The other time when Porsche named their cars SC was way back in the 1960s, for their first model, the 365, and only those equipped with a race engine could be coined SC.

Same as the other 911s from the 80s, this 911 SC has all the classic 911 elements: the typical buttons, switches, and 5 circles gauge in the interior, the characteristic lines and contour on the exterior, and more importantly, the outstanding raw, analog roaring sound and feel from the air cooled engine etc. There is no doubt that this 911 SC is an eye-catching statue when it stands still, and a classic legend in motion; excellent for an epic Sunday morning drive; perfect for the sun and wind.

Presented by A.K.A. Automotive, this is the Targa version of the 911 SC. It combines the advantages of both a convertible and a coupe. Its owner can enjoy the freedom of an open-top while being protected by the Targa roll-over bar. This specific car has a silver paint with grey interior and comes with 15 inch “Cookie Cutter” rims. It is also the more powerful version of 911 SC, having 204hp, not the lower 180hp or 188 hp. It also has a wider body than a normal Carrera. It is well maintained with a comprehensive service history. A beauty both mechanically and cosmetically.

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HK$688,000 (incl. FRT)



Previous Owners:






2,994cc Flat6 204bhp

5 speed MT / RWD


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