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1985 Morgan Plus 8

Morgan's hand built British sports cars - a unique blend of charisma, craftsmanship and performance. Iconic British motoring never felt this good! Always sought-after for their uncompromised classic sports car image with retro styling and construction, the Morgan is a British legend that keeps them in an safe economic bubble. Depreciation is virtually unknown, demand is always high and values are remarkably stable and predictable. Although the production of the Plus 8 began in 1968 and ran for 36 years until 2004. In this period, only 6000 examples were built and many are still retaining its value to this day.

Be unique and drive a symbolic British icon, Morgan Plus 8. This Morgan is finished with a bright Red exterior and a complimenting light tan interior. This is a car built to deliver a wholly analog and elemental experience. Through the flat windshield the view is all swoops, sweeps, and louvers. This is a car designed by people using nothing but their carpentry skills and an eye for grace, elegance, and drama. From the long sweeping lines of the front fenders, body proportions, long hood, short rear, muscular haunches, are the classic sports car trails.

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Previous Owners:






3,528cc V8 192bhp

5 speed MT / RWD


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