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1995 Audi RS2 Avant

The RS2 set the template for fast Audis. Back in 1990s, the head of Audi’s supervisory board turned to Porsche in help to create a really fast estate car. As a result, many parts on the RS2 showed hints of Porsche design. The 17-inch Carrera Cup wheels will look familiar for Porsche fans. The seven letters of “Porsche” is spelled out on the red brake calipers. The name is also there on the badges on the front grille and tailgate.

Underneath the hood, there is another Porsche badge to be found. With hotter camshafts, a 30 percent bigger turbocharger, a new engine management system, new injectors, a more freely flowing exhaust manifold and a bigger intercooler, there was a 30 percent increase in power over the S2, resulting in a final figure of 315bhp. The RS2 boasted a 0-60mph time of 4.8s (as tested), making it faster than any Porsche, except the Turbo, at the time.

The RS2 Avant presented by A.K.A. Automotive is completely original. There is extensive maintenance history. Being 1 of 180 right hand drive produced, this is an extremely rare collector’s item.

HK$666,000 (incl. FRT)



Previous Owners:






2,226cc Inline5 315bhp

6 speed MT / AWD


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