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1997 Porsche 911 Turbo (993)

Porsche must have spent a great deal of effort in redesigning its previous model to finally settle with this 993 beautiful yet robust car. This model is vibrant, with a slight touch of grace, and yet every drop of its blood is Porsche, particularly when you consider its stunning 408hp twin turbo charged engine with lowest emission in its range, wider rear wheel arches, and the spellbinding “whale tail” spoiler. It can be seriously fast, and very charming.

Code name “993” was the successor of the “964” generation 911. It was also the last generation of air cooled 911. This version got lots of enhancements; from the engine all the way to its appearance. It was also the first time for Porsche to introduce all-wheel-drive into their turbo 911. It was literally an remarkable result of the engineering advancement, and magically it has kept all the valuable characteristics and features of Porsche.

This 1997 911 Turbo is in Arctic Silver Metallic, Metropol Blue interior with extended leather package. The 3.6L twin turbocharged air-cooled engine produces a jaw-dropping 408hp, with its sports exhaust system and all-wheel-drive system, this 911 can go from 0-100kph in a whopping 4.2 sec.

This car is also equipped with a number of factory options including a sunroof, rear window wiper, aluminum gear shift knob and handbrake lever, Nokia Digital sound package, Turbo S style front spot lights, third brake light, and coloured wheel center caps. A comprehensive service history is all available.

This exceptional Porsche 911 (993) is one of the minority of automobiles that car owners can be proud of possessing. Contact us to know more about the pinnacle of the air-cooled 911.




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3,600cc Flat6 408bhp

6 speed MT / AWD


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