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Not only does AutoStorage excel at car storage, our attention to detail can be found on cars we have meticulously detailed. Our Signature Paint Correction & Protection will remove the most stubborn imperfections, while protecting your vehicle against the harsh elements of Hong Kong. Contact us now to personalize the car-care that you deserve.

Deep Cleaning

Removing contaminants is the first step to a lengthy and extensive detailing procedure. Carefully done by our specialists to prevent damages and swirl marks.

Decontamination & Paint Correction

Carefully and precisely executed with various tools to reduce various defects on the paintwork to produce the ultimate mirror-like finish.

Ceramic Coating & Protection

No surfaces are left untouched when protection is applied. Not only will a ceramic coating produce more depth and shine, it is also a durable protection layer against various elements.

Wheels & Windows

Opt to have your wheels removed before wash and protection to ensure that your insides of your rims and brake calipers are not forgotten. The hydrophobic qualities are also put to use with window coatings after water spots removal. 

Interior Removal

Interior seats and carpets are removed to clean the areas less accessible. Hidden dirt and mold can lead to undesirable smells and odour.

Vacuuming & Extraction

Overtime, moisture and humidity trapped in fabrics can cause molding to occur. Extra care and treatment is required to bring the car back to pristine conditions.

Leather Care & Plastic Care

Leather and plastics may look clean, but through extensive cleaning you will discover lots of trapped contaminants. Protection layer is also added to maintain the new clean look.

Interior Disinfection

No spot is left uncleaned. Use of an ozone generator will also remove any bacteria and odour growing in the cabin air system of your pride and joy.

Engine Bay Cleaning

Extra care is required to prevent any damages to electrical components while detailing an engine bay. Use of high pressure steam jet can significantly reduce the amount of moisture remaining.

Get the car-care you deserve at AutoStorage

Past Work

A series of cars detailed at AutoStorage

2006 Lotus Exige S2

Premium Paint Correction & Protection

2020 Caterham Super Seven 1600

Premium Paint Correction & Protection

2012 BMW 1M Coupe

Signature Paint Correction & Protection

1986 Mercedes Benz 300SL

Signature Paint Correction & Protection